Fresh fitness food doesn’t just mean healthy food delivery. Fresh fitness food is your personal nutritionist, your personal cook and your personal trainer.

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Arto Restaurant



A Specialist In Organizing Events Can Turn Your Dream Into Reality. A Special Event, Whether It’s A Wedding, Christening, Anniversary Or Corporate Event, Could Easily Be One Of The Most Cherished Days Of Your Life. We Want The Organizing Phase To Be Just As Special For You. We Will Help You Easily Navigate Through Various Decisions And Stay Worry-Free Until The Expected Event Arrives. You Will Be Safe From Long Searches, Tiresome Discussions With Suppliers, Possible Disagreements And Inevitable Inconveniences During The Process Of Organizing Events. Planning With Us Can Be Almost As Much Fun As The Event Itself.

Our menu in the restaurant

Personalized menus for events from 70/person

Lamb Cutlet With Truffle Mashed Potatoes

90 Lei

Tuna Burger With Baked Potatoes

74 Lei

Pork Ribs With Baked Potatoes

77 Lei

Baked Vegan Burger With Sweet Potato

59 Lei

Grilled Sea Bream With Truffle Mashed Potatoes

64 Lei

Crispy Chicken With Potatoes And Parmesan

59 Lei

Wagyu Burger With Potatoes+4 Cheeses

210 Lei

Shrimp Salad

59 Lei

Argentinian Beef Salad

59 Lei

Shrimp Risotto

59 Lei

Risotto With Beef Tenderloin

59 Lei

Tomorrow our special menu

Baked Salmon Burger With Sweet Potatoes

77 Lei

Wagyu Ribeye With Asparagus

280 Lei

Tagliatelle With Truffles

55 Lei

Australian Beef Sparrow With Mashed Potatoes + Truffles

169 Lei

Tagliatelle With Shrimps

59 Lei

Pork Tomahawk With Sweet Potatoes

89 Lei

Beef Burger With Potatoes

64 Lei

Australian Beef Steak With Potatoes And Parmesan Cheese

189 Lei

The restaurant where you can have an event or the place where you find a truly memorable menu. We have more prepared, we are waiting for you.

The place where harmony and peace are found.

"The More You Know, The More You Can Create. There Is No End To Imagination In The Kitchen."

Arto Restaurant

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