Fresh fitness food doesn’t just mean healthy food delivery. Fresh fitness food is your personal nutritionist, your personal cook and your personal trainer.

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The time interval is between 7-10 in the morning.

The menus are customized according to the number of kcalories requested by you, the number of macronutrients and their structure for the 3 main meals, if you have favorite foods we can also use the requested foods for most of the meals or if you have foods that you don’t want them, we exclude them from the menu!

Yes, we have a vegan menu!

Of course we customize it!

Yes, you can change the address, you can notify us one day before this.

Yes, you can choose the foods you don’t like to be replaced!

Yes, the menus are customized for any category you want!

Of course, we can customize the detox menu!

We do not use sugar or saturated fats!