Fresh fitness food doesn’t just mean healthy food delivery. Fresh fitness food is your personal nutritionist, your personal cook and your personal trainer.

Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh and healthy food for your fitness needs.

Revitalize your body with our delicious and healthy fitness meals that are specially designed to deliver the optimal nutrition required for peak performance. 

About us

Concept Fresh Fitness Food

Healthy Food And Tasty Food For A Healthy Life

Fresh Fitness Food represents the service that delivers healthy food daily and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Menus are adapted to the client’s needs, so that the results of the diet meet expectations. Healthy Menus

Do you want to stay healthy, lose weight, gain muscle or simply want to eat healthy, but without spending time in the kitchen?

20 Days Program

To lose weight at least
3 kg per week

The 20 Days Program is a focused weight loss plan aiming for a minimum of 3kg (6.6 lbs) loss weekly. It combines tailored exercises, diet adjustments, and lifestyle changes for rapid yet sustainable results. Participants follow structured workouts, personalized meal plans, and strategies for managing cravings and staying motivated. With commitment, significant weight loss can be achieved, setting the stage for continued progress.

Why Choose FFF Service?

The service is very simple to understand. You just have to contact me and from here your life will change for the better. That’s why you are here for the improvement of the quality of life, the prevention as well as the desire to feel the 100% correct and healthy benefits of the program! The program saves you time wasted shopping, time wasted discovering the best recipe for what you want to cook, time wasted shopping, wasted energy, stress, cleaning up after, as well as time wasted in the gym because there is no a plan, a vision and a well-established program according to the needs of the body and the mental state.

It’s simple, we will cook for you, we will create the nutrition program thought out in the smallest detail, especially from the point of view of macronutrients, we will choose the foods according (if applicable) to certain health problems or dysfunctions of the body. We will customize a training program in the fitness room, online through the app or I can offer you the opportunity to have a personal trainer with extensive experience! There is no such program in Romania that is adapted as much as possible for each member of the FFF (FRESH FITNESS FOOD) community, such results will appear guaranteed, the proof is the customers who are already members.


The time interval is between 7-10 in the morning.

The menus are customized according to the number of kcalories requested by you, the number of macronutrients and their structure for the 3 main meals, if you have favorite foods we can also use the requested foods for most of the meals or if you have foods that you don’t want them, we exclude them from the menu!

Yes, we have a vegan menu!

Of course we customize it!

Yes, you can change the address, you can notify us one day before this.

Yes, you can choose the foods you don’t like to be replaced!

Yes, the menus are customized for any category you want!

Of course, we can customize the detox menu!

We do not use sugar or saturated fats!

Arto Restaurant

Healthy and Delicious Fitness Cuisine

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